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  • Organizing a meeting of apartment owners in an apartment building and conducting informative meetings,
  • Preparation of minutes of meetings and delegation agreements,
  • Energy audit of the building,
  • Technical inspection of the building,
  • Preparation of construction cost estimate,
  • Preparation of building renovation project / confirmation card,
  • Coordination of the required documents with the bank,
  • Preparation, submission and coordination of project application documentation to LIAA (Latvian Investment and Development Agency),
  • Selection of construction companies,
  • Author supervision and construction supervision,
  • Construction process control,
  • Professional project supervision,
  • General care works,
  • One-time cleaning of the premises according to the client's wishes,
  • Security services
  • Pavement washing
  • Window washing for residential and commercial buildings

Distribution of a residential house in apartment properties

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The status of joint ownership often causes problems for the owners and is a burden, for example, in paying real estate tax. In order to divide multi-apartment residential houses into apartment properties, the interest of all co-owners is required.

Once the situation with interest has been identified, it must be ascertained whether an act of commissioning of the building has been registered in the Land Register. It can be viewed in the Section, where it is indicated on what basis the compartment is created (decision, act, etc.)

If an act is not registered in the Land Register, then the owner must submit an application to the Land Register with a request to enter An Act of Putting into exploitation in the Land Register. Execution time 10 days.

After making the entry, apartment owners must submit an application to the State Land Service, in which they are asked to divide the residential house into apartment properties, ask to prepare a statement on the division of the house, and enter the apartment properties in the Land Register. This application must be signed 100% by all owners in order to receive a statement .

The State Land Service shall review the application and provide a statement within 1 month.

The cost of issuing a statement is 40.30 EUR, while the registration of each property in the Land Register costs 30EUR.

Step by step, your residential house is divided into apartment properties, and you are relieved of encumbrances.

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