1. Where to send individual meter readings?

  • indicating meter readings on the customer portal until the 30th date;
  • by writing your readings to the e-mail address [email protected] until the 30th date
  • indicating the meter readings in the lower section of monthly bill and placing it in the mailbox of LTD “Selectum home” on the first floor of the building until the 28th date;

We invite everyone to follow this procedure and hand over the individual meter readings regularly, every month!

In case of questions or uncertainties, please contact the manager of LTD “Selectum home” or write e-mail to: [email protected].

2. Where to report a problem, report damage and provide other information to the Manager?

Please send applications to [email protected], indicating the address and application description. Messages are processed within one to two business days.

For urgent applications, please call the Customer Center on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00, by phone: +371 27703337

3. What to do if a foreign car is parked in your property parking lot?

We would like to remind you that the car must be parked only in the parking lot purchased in your property, by placing the pass issued to you behind the windshield.

If a car is parked in your parking lot and:

  • a pass is placed behind the windshield, then please inform the Manager by calling on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00 by phone +371 27703337, or by writing to e-mail [email protected], indicating your parking number and the pass number of the parked car;
  • there is no pass behind the windshield, please inform the Municipal Police by calling 110 or reporting anonymously, by calling 67037555

4. What are shared water losses?

Shared water losses are the difference between the total consumption of a home commercial meter reading and the consumption of individual meter readings of the citizens.

Shared water losses occurred in all apartment buildings. Typically, these losses, from total consumption, range from 10% to 15% in new projects and up to 30% in older apartment buildings. Fluctuations in water loss depend on several factors:

  1. Accuracy of commercial meter accounting, pollution in the meter;
  2. Terms when individual meter readings and commercial meter are read;
  3. Accuracy and fairness of meter readings provided by the citizens.

    1.In order to calculate the water losses, the reading of the commercial meter (total water input) is read, after which the supplier issues an invoice to the property manager.

    2.The readings of individual meters in apartments, the total amount of which constitutes the listed consumption, are compiled. The more citizens submit individual readings in good faith, the smaller the difference in shared water losses.

    3.The total amount of individual meter readings, which form the difference in water consumption, is deducted from the total commercial meter. This difference is also affected by the deadlines for the transmission of readings. It is therefore important that the individual meters are submitted within the deadlines set by the house manager, thus reducing the amount of the difference.

    4.The difference of the obtained water is distributed to the residents of the house in accordance with the procedure specified in the Management Agreement. Different methods of water loss distribution are possible - losses can be divided into the indoor area of apartments, distribution to the number of persons declared in the property, distribution to apartments that do not provide individual meter readings for a long time.

    What are shared losses of water?What are shared losses of water?