1.      What is a customer portal?

The customer platform is a modern online platform designed to provide convenient:

  • Communication with the client;
  • Invoice management.
  • Announcements, surveys, reports of all kinds, information on work to be performed and pricing, etc. important information are regularly posted on the customer platform.

 2.      How to become a user?

 When signing the property management agreement, the owner must provide his / her e-mail;

  • LTD “Selectum home” registers client on the client portal;
  • A registration confirmation link on the customer portal is sent to the client e-mail.


3.      How to change the password?

  • You can change the password in the "Settings" section.
  • If you forget your password, use the "Forgot your password?" option. , where you enter the email address to which the password reset form will be sent.

 4.      Do I have to register on the customer portal?

 If the client has provided his / her e-mail address - in this case the client will receive an e-mail about a new invoice and log in to the customer portal to view it.

According to the above - if the customer wants to electronically receive an invoice, then registration on the customer portal is mandatory.

 5.      5. How are bills paid?

Invoices are paid with the help of a payment card.

 The customer can choose the most convenient way to pay the bill:

1) On the Customer Portal, when paying the invoice manually or by choosing automatic payment - a service commission in the amount of 2% of the invoice amount is applied;

2) in the Internet bank, when making a transfer to one of the bank accounts indicated in the invoice (Swedbank, SEB, Citadele) - a commission is applied in accordance with the price list of the particular bank;

3) MAXIMA Latvian stores - service price EUR 0.50


6. On the customer portal, only the invoice amount appears to me - where can I view the invoice?

To view and download an invoice, go to the 'Overview - Unpaid Invoices' section and select 'Download.'
In case you have previously made advance payments and you have overpaid at the time of invoicing, the invoice will be displayed in the "Invoices" section.
The customer sees the file name in his profile, not the invoice number - the customer only sees the invoice number in his invoice.


7. What should I do if I want the tenant or another person to receive the invoice issued to me?

 In order for the notification about the invoice issued to you to be sent to other persons as well, you need to indicate them. This can be done in the section "Companies" by clicking on the "Add Representative +" button and entering the required information.


8. What does the service commission mean below the invoice amount mean?

 The Customer Platform informatively shows the amount of the service commission (in the amount of 2% of the invoice amount), which will be charged only if you pay the invoice via the Customer Platform (with the help of a payment card).

 We hope that the answers we have prepared to your questions will help you to understand the Customer Portal and the opportunities it offers, which are always being improved.

The customer portal is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. Your data is used to provide you with services and improve the quality of customer service.

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