Ltd“Selectum Home” mission – maintained property and satisfied customer.

Who are we

Property manager Ltd “Selectum Home” is a company registered in the Register of Residential House Managers (No. 751), performs full-service house management incl. commercial object management services based on the client's wishes and legal requirements.

The company employs only professional employees who have acquired education in Real Estate Management. 

Ltd "Selectum Home" is not only able to offer competitive management services, but can also help reduce other maintenance costs.

What we offer

Individual approach to each house property and customization of services to customer needs.

Our clients have the opportunity to regularly monitor the financial situation of the house property, receive regular reports on the activities performed, together with the manager to plan the renovation works of the house property, follow their implementation.

Why choose us

  • Individual approach to each client, regardless of the object's budget,
  • "Transparency" of services provided, regular financial reports as well as reports on management activities performed
  • Development of an annual plan for repairs directly to your home
  • Execution of scheduled work ONLY after coordination with the client
  • Friendly costs


  • Managed property
  • Professional service
  • Individual approach to each property
  • Timely settlements with service providers
  • Availability of e-services at any time
  • Preparation of the management offer

    Management offersManagement offersManagement offersManagement offersManagement offersManagement offers

    The management offer usually consists of the 3 largest blocks - cleaning, network maintenance and administration.
    Upon receipt of a management offer, all possible management positions are included. Analyzing the offer with the Association, Community or individually, the most suitable management model for the house and owners is selected. Positions are determined for each managed object individually, thus determining the most suitable management fee for you.

    It is important not only to receive full-fledged services, but also to keep the property in order. The first thing your guests will see will be the area adjacent to your property and its visual condition.

    Block 01 "Cleaning" includes the maintenance of the overall image of the property. This means that both the cleaning of the property's interior and the maintenance of the outdoor space and territory are included. The cost of this item represents 40% of the total property management costs.

    02. block is the most important position in the provision of engineering networks and communications. The provision of these services, as well as the provision of cleaning services, accounts for 40% of the total property management costs. Additional services are also individually adjusted - gate maintenance, elevator maintenance, emergency service 24/7, as well as other individually tailored services.

     03. block, in turn, which includes administration costs, makes up only 20% of the total management costs. Administration includes accounting services, legal support, customer service center, security services.

    How to change your property manager? 

    Very easy!

    The first task is a decision of the apartment owners on the change of manager, in which it is necessary to vote with a 51% majority in FOR.

    Once the decision has been made, the apartment owners get acquainted with it and it is sent to the existing property manager.

    In turn, after informing the existing manager about the change of manager, an contract is signed with the new, selected property manager company, which after signing the agreement, enters into agreements with service providers.

    Finally, the start of management and the introduction of apartment owners to the new manager at the general meeting of apartment owners.

    We wish you a successful cooperation,

    Ltd Selectum home.

    How to change you property manager

    Contact  us any time to get your management offer